The BGM publishing catalog consists of a wide variety of great songs which have been written by great writers 

including:   Billy O'Rourke, Mitch Stephen, Toby Keith, Kenny Dale, Beth Williams, Brian Collins,  Bobby Boyd,   

Bart Butler,  Bobby Jenkins, Jody Jenkins, Kris Bergsnes,  Becky Hobbs, David Price, TJ Broscoff, and many others.




"Private Party" a featured track in the movie, TEN IN TEXAS

"I'm Going Back to San Antonio" a featured track in the movie, TEN IN TEXAS

"Waitin For a Girl Like You" a featured track in the 2021 movie, DEATH IN TEXAS

BMI Million-Air Award "Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine on You" Toby Keith

"Radio Man" from the 2013 Latin Grammy winner David Lee Garza

"Who's That Gringo" 2005 Tejano Crossover Single of the Year 


Songs from the BGM catalog have been recorded by:

Johnny Bush, Toby Keith, Lantana, Johnny Rodriguez, Kenny Dale, Big John Mills, 

Leslie Tom & Ray Benson, John Wesley Ryles, Brian Collins, David Lee Garza y Los Musicales, Doug Kershaw,

 Billy Mata & The Texas Tradition, and many others. 


We would love to submit songs for your next project. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will 

be happy to send you demos and lyrics.  Just give us a call or email us at the contact link above.


If you have already recorded and plan on releasing a title from our catalogs,  please contact us for proper 

label copy and licensing information.


The Harry Fox Agency (HFA) handles the licensing for BILL GREEN MUSIC-BMI, and CASA VERDE MUSIC-ASCAP. If you are making less than 2,500 copies, you can obtain a license online using a credit card or checking account through HFA's Songfile service. If you are making more than 2,500 copies, you will need to open an HFA Licensee Account. Both options are available through HFA's website at  HFA's site also includes information on the current U.S. statutory rates for mechanical licenses.





for more information call 210.654-8773 or email 



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