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At BGM, we take pride in giving you the absolute best in production and services and the best recording you can have.  We will customize any project you are planning to fit your needs whether it is your band, or a 'full blown' production and orchestration with studio musicians.  If you need session players we only use the best studio musicians.


Whether you are planning an album project, or a single song demo, we can accommodate the recording process from start to finish.  



When you record your album project at BGM, we can also help you with all the requirements and tools you will need to sell your CD and make it available for digital distribution. Some of the major points you will need to know include licensing (mechanical and digital), credits (musicians, writers, publishers, etc.) UPC codes, ISRC codes, graphic design, replication and more.  If you have a label or distributor , we can deliver the finished masters to your proper contact.  




If you need an instrument or vocals added to your new or existing project, we can do that.  Just send us basic tracks and we do the rest.  We can provide just about any string instrument (guitar, fiddle, steel guitar, dobro, etc.), drums, percussion, brass, woodwinds, vocals, and more.  We will send the finished overdubs to you ready for your project. We use only the best musicians and vocalists to bring your track to life!



If you have already recorded your project, we can take your existing files and mix and master them.


If you want to record your project at BGM and mix at another problem.  We can send the proper files to other facilities for mixing and/or mastering.



If you need harmony-backing vocals, fiddle, guitar, steel guitar, piano, or other instruments added to your project, we can do that for you.  Just send us your tracks and we will provide a first class overdub for whatever instruments or vocals you need.  Just call 210.654.8773 or email for more information or to make arrangements.





Analog Soundcraft Sapphyre 36 Channels



Focal, Yamaha, JBL, KRK


Recording-Mixing Platform



Mic Pre's-Compressors

Avalon, HHB, Joe Meek, Presonus, Bellari, Altec, and more, plus a vast assortment of plug-ins and effects



 AKG, Audio-Technica, Sennheizer, Neuman, Shure, Rode, Audix, Cad, Beyer, MXL, and more



Vintage Pearl w/ DC Hardware



  Fatar Studio Logic 1100/ Grand Piano sounds by Alicia's Keys, Yamaha C-7, and more

(Acoustic Grand Piano available upon request by special arrangement)


If you have a special request for any additional outboard gear or equipment, we can  accompany all 

your needs to help insure a successful project.



Studio Rates


Our rates are based on the type of recording your are planning. (Basic rate is 95.00 per hr., with Bill Green at the board)  Whether you are planning a song demo, master session, band project, voice-over, or any other project, we can customize a plan to fit your needs and budget.  Call us at 210.654.8773, or 210.710.2206, to to discuss your recording needs and to schedule a visit. (Oh....We do not record Rap or Hip-Hop)